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Currents gifts

    in 2012, the year full of legends is coming, Lenovo Pad again to bring the mind move, to create the most suitable for Chinese consumers Chinese holiday surge. December 23, Lenovo Pad with excellent product performance, experience, strong brands guarantee perfect operation, striving to make two holiday gift, evaded a surprise: for older people to use special edition customized pad of filial piety, family 1699; music Pad 3G Standard Edition, 1999 new year. 2012 you holiday music meant to Pad out of the ordinary!

    Thanksgiving thank, honor most friendship gift.

    When you run hard for the cause, can remember his parents ' temples is graying;, when you struggle to socialize, remember someone waiting for you at home, when you pack, you can still use any expression of filial piety rather than wrestle with trouble? The Association brought waves of new year ceremony of Pad, a product unique and full of camaraderie, 2012 the warmest gratitude Xie. It is Lenovo's targeted specifically at older users habits and hobbies, are customized Lenovo Pad arrangement Special Edition exclusive upgrade! Spring Festival is approaching, parents wanted to wait a year to send surprises on Lenovo filial piety Special Edition will be your Pad of choice, bring joy Pad home letting parents Sun life more colorful!

    retired home not is equal to eliminated behind, Lenovo Le Pad filial piety ceremony special version for elderly build has more than 50 balance exclusive application, anytime, anywhere of information, immediately networking of interactive, Chang cool unlimited of communications, let free attached home of Dad MOM also has big vision, sunset life hundred change has taste; not to hospital not is equal to no health, Lenovo Le Pad filial piety ceremony special version pre reset more than 30 more than this health health books, from health health to life common sense, From diet conditioning to movement fitness, anytime, anywhere personal care, will family doctor easily please home; alone home not is equal to no happy, Lenovo Le Pad filial piety ceremony special version pre reset has near 400 paragraph Opera, and storytelling, and crosstalk, masters name paragraph, four lang exploration mother of wonderful ARIA, Yue Fei biography of loyalty serve, Hou Baolin, of humor burden, let alone home of Dad MOM also can more laugh more young; not understand pinyin not is equal to farewell computer, to let elderly with have more simple, play have more happy, Filial piety Special Edition music Pad input application optimized specifically for the elderly, and increased large font interface at the same time strengthened the handwriting feature, so that the elderly can also easily break the digital era.

    Lenovo Heating Pad happiness and blessings overflowing, with top quality, perfect design, rich, powerful performance, with a price of 1699 and 1999 family feedback, for you to create holiday gift, a surprise for people who you love and love you!