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Do you know how big is the gift market in China

    holiday gift market, how many festivals, there is little market

    Festival: as a country with a long history, rich in traditional ethnic festivals are an important component of Chinese culture, in rough numbers, China's major traditional festivals on the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chung Yeung, winter solstice, Laba, dozens. In traditional festivals, or visiting friends and relatives, or family reunion, or to participate in appropriate activities, no matter how indispensable gifts to express their affection. 2, Western holidays: open China, people feel strong Western economies at the same time, be seduced by Western culture, some Western festivals popular as a symbol of Western civilization, the Western Valentine's day, father's day, mother's day, April Fool's day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day, in China by the evolution of fashion for used. At these festivals, many a mix-up with ceremonial activities and emotions. 3, legal holidays: the Chinese Government has many official celebrations festivals such as: new year's day, 38 international women's day, 51 international labor day, youth day, children's day, 71 Communist party including birthday, Army Day, armed forces day, teacher's day, 11 national day, these festivals have a important commemoration, will carry out a variety of commemorative events every year, you need to release corresponding commemorative gifts. Chinese habits every day will, gifts, holiday gift market with unlimited business opportunities, the TT lanbox.

    birthday gift market, how many people have birthdays, the greater market

    according to the latest census data shows that in early 2005, population reached 1.3 billion people in mainland China, population over a long period of time also shows a steady growth trend. According to statistics from birth, almost 20 million newborns each year in China, this means that the annual number of birthdays is increasing. In China, almost 2/3 every year to give yourself a birthday celebration. 1.3 billion population country, birthday more than 3.56 million people a day on average, almost every day there is 230duowange birthday celebration. Average 10 persons birthday gifts, birthday presents more than 23 million copies a day; average purchase of 100 yuan per person gift, birthday a day had 2.3 billion yuan annually.

    business gift market, how many opportunities there are, the greater market

    competition, the importance of cooperation will accelerate. Market-oriented China, communication, public relations, act as a link in developing relationships and expanding social resources plays an irreplaceable role, market resources, business partners, prospects, customers, resource control into the inevitable, this would create a new and huge market--business gift market. Business gift is not only a good way to communicate, and also a perfect gift for the enterprise to get more business opportunities. According to the Department, our business gift market with more than 60 billion yuan in the market space, and is still growing at a rate close to 20%. Business gifts gifts constitute a far more complex than personal gifts market, many analysts have begun booming gift market in recent years due to the emergence of business gifts.

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