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Fashion gift guide gift market

    a State of ceremonies since ancient times, with the development of the times, the tradition persists. "Reciprocity" is the familiar ritual since childhood, and with friends and pay more attention to meeting that carefully selected "souvenirs". Therefore, the traditional consumption customs hold up a potentially huge new economic categories-"gift economy". Even more gifts each year the peak season of consumption during the festive season. Major shopping malls and supermarkets in downtown yesterday afternoon visits found that premium tobacco, alcohol, health products and food is still the mainstream gift, but as living standards improve and update, some of the more practical and more upstart fashion merchandise is becoming the gift.

    car accessories the perfect choice for every holiday, although the goods assortment on the market, but people are still worried about choose gifts and, more and more people are realizing that sends blessing to her family and friends and let them be surprised, memorable. Last year's gift market is represented by the MP3 digital products dominate, but within a year, large-scale application of digital products has made digital products lost vitality. Who will lead the rush of gifts this year?

    with the number of car owners is increasing, the need for consumer products is also increasing. More and more businesses have seized the opportunity and began to move the car. Car is like home decoration, is an inevitable process of car use. We think of it as a luxury of the past, but now a growing number of auto decoration store there, making the car decoration came onto the stage from behind. As a consumer, car decorations have been accepted by more and more people and the like, but also a surprise gift market this year. Is Center City a car beauty center purchase small jewelry of Liu Mr told Reporter: "a fine of car ornaments set, both practical, and meet has has car family decorative of purpose; car housing of fashion within loaded set, let friends of car in national holiday comfortable of while also new, brings good mood......" does, economic affordable of car gift not only deepened has friends of feelings, also let everyone in relax mood of while appreciate to car decorative DIY to fashion life brings of convenience warm.

    new favorite small household appliance market in recent days, downtown businessmen are in front of the store decorated with exquisite gifts, in addition to the traditional wines, a major electronics stores and supermarket chains put on small household electrical appliances is very eye-catching. In a home appliance store in the Center, banners on small household electrical appliances sales, staff hung out a few minutes of time, attracted many shoppers stop, consultation was also immediately went to the counter. Major stores, came to ask, purchase of small household electrical appliances has far more than usual. Induction cooker, rice cooker, shavers, blenders and other stylish and practical products sell very well, such as Haier's vacuum cleaner, it is learnt that during last year's Mid-Autumn Festival and national day, the city's supermarkets can ship thousands a day.

    head of the zhongbai shopping mall-related counters, said consumers now buy more practical gifts. Like traditional gift cakes always make people feel fancy, send more easily bored; might as well select some family life using the small electrical appliances, both decent and useful. In the newly opened a life of electrical stores, said a consumer undergoing Group buys, small household appliances this year accounted for about 80% its corporate gift orders. Small household electrical appliances have become the Mid-Autumn Festival main selection of business gifts.

    "petty bourgeoisie" commodity markets new year holiday gift market, there is a new bright spot is that the toy market suddenly "hot", tanks, helicopters, motor vehicles and some of the assembled class of educational toys is very popular. According to zhongbai shopping mall toy Cabinet clerk introduces, on the occasion of holidays, to friends and relatives buy beautiful toy is actually quite clever, don't worry they don't like.

    in addition, some porcelain, tableware, and purple tea become beautiful Chinese new year gifts, great city "petty bourgeoisie" in hot pursuit, especially for a housewarming for friends and relatives, is appropriate. Is suitable for color home buying trinkets she told reporters of the room "as a careful pondering of trinkets, whether it be a friend or your own collection, a very bourgeois atmosphere of jewelry always has a special charm. "

    We believe that the tradition has been passed on and that development of the jewelry industry in full swing, and a strong Outlook.