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Gift of color did you notice

    gifts has many exquisite, one of which is embodied in the colors above. We know packaging color taboos, but the gift should also pay attention to color taboos. The so-called color, including color of the gift itself, but gift wrap color. It is well known that color also has a clear symbolic significance in people's minds, it is bound to reflect on the gift itself and its packaging. Chinese have always regarded red as festive colors, black for evil. On festive occasions such as weddings, birthday, business, send gifts often are red or red material, with Geely.

    gift is red with brown sugar, dates, red bean; dyed red eggs and Red gift cakes; money wrapped in red paper. Funeral gift packaging, must be black or white, should never be red; folk think, red is positive, with the Sun color; black yin, two are irreconcilable. Red wrapped gifts in the funeral, were considered to offend the grave undead, extremely negative about the deceased. Under the old taboos of all red. There was a comic dialogue, ironic when an Emperor died, taboo-red, but VIP also uses vinasse nose black with ink. Of course, this is a joke.

    due to the different regional cultures all over the world, the symbolic meaning of color are not the same in the gift note color or color selection, otherwise, the effect will be counterproductive. Such an instance, a Japan company United States pen when you export, packing box with silver pen, purple velvet lining, this package color Americans unhappy, so that pen out. Because Purple is the American taboo color, not gift wrap. Similarly, purple in Mexico is seen as unlucky coffin, Mexico they gift, you can't send purple gift or packaged in purple material gifts. In Mexico, even wear purple clothes and visit others, also unpopular. See purple as ominous are Peru and Brazil one. In Brazil the market there is a Japan import watches, watches with a Purple Ribbon, so that the table could not be opened an outlet. Black is the Mongolia people's taboo because it symbolizes the enemy, funerals and all the bad things. Mongolia people's clothing, appliances, residences are not black for decoration, so Mongolia people giving or packed with black material. Pakistan, Hungary and Ethiopia also considered ominous black color. Malaysia people, yellow symbolizes death, generally avoid using yellow. In some countries, the symbolism of colors is very strict, with obvious political overtones. Like Venezuela, tea, green, red, black, white, represent the five major parties in the country, they should not be used on a gift wrap.

    gifts for different candidates in different color, did you notice, don't put ourselves in an awkward position.