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Sugar dried sea cucumber to get older the best gifts

    with the improvement of people's living standards, "affluenza" is gradually by the minority becomes socialized, became almost synonymous with urban middle-aged and elderly groups, so gifts sent to health is becoming fashionable, send elderly what is a good gift? And this caused the old gift market an innovation, alcoholic gifts are gradually replaced by tonic gifts, sea cucumber, Chinese caterpillar fungus and other high-end supplements begins to become relatives of the main choices.

    what are the effects of sea cucumber and competent "supplements" in the name?

    It is well known that elderly illnesses prevention and control is the main way to eat high protein, rich in many nutrients, low in cholesterol and fat, easy absorption of nutritious foods to control. Sea cucumber as a high-end, and pure natural of green, is rich in collagen protein, and 18 species amino acids and sulfuric acid cartilage pigment, and sea cucumber SOAP glycosides, and acid stick polysaccharide, variety activity material and not containing cholesterol, is in the elderly of health share, in addition, sea cucumber contains large of low molecular peptide in human intestinal within retained thorn sea cucumber in the of variety nutrition ingredients, very easy was human absorption using, and has improve human immunity, and delay aging, and anti-tumor, and drop blood pressure, and blood, role. Sea cucumber contains glutathione peptides is the longevity factor, anti-aging factor; chondroitin sulfate can slow down, cell senescence, all this can promote the body's metabolism, to prevent the effects of aging, life extension.

    sea cucumber and gift market popular

    with such effectiveness of sea cucumber, natural by middle-aged love, and journalists through the downtown shopping mall and several specialty shops, tonic store visits found that consulting in buying health care products are the elderly.

    in front of the Wal-Mart supermarket tonic, the reporter found that salespersons are recommended to consult customers for sea cucumbers and Chinese caterpillar fungus. "Now buy sea cucumber of people real himself eat of does not more, are is gift of mostly, slowly to people are on health began concern has, like sea cucumber, and Cordyceps these health products on began popular has, now life so good, age big is of blood pressure blood sugar how many are somewhat high, you again sent smoke wine what not too right, and sent sea cucumber this things, family certainly like, health products well eat has on human only benefits no harm, also without see people, almost sent what people are right. "

    sea cucumber is good when consumers buy more heart

    sea cucumber at another Palace shop, the owner reminded reporters, purchased sea cucumbers when more than one heart.

    despite the high nutritional value of sea cucumber, the slightest mistake but consumers may be deceived, for what? Because now market Shang has a sea cucumber called sugar dry sea cucumber, price low looks looks, parameter rough thorn is, Quintana black, very easy confused part consumers, this sea cucumber actually is belongs to in sea cucumber processing of process in the added has large sugar points due to, sea cucumber of nutrition has by has is big damage, buy this sea cucumber with said is buy sea cucumber, than said is in buy sugar, and sea cucumber in the was contains a called acid stick polysaccharide of material can activated pancreatic Island b cell, tame high concentration blood sugar, For diabetes patients quantitative eating sea slugs have great advantages, but the sugar dried sea cucumber and since adding sugar, diabetics after eating is not only ineffective, but may increase the risk of illness, can be described as counterproductive.

    how to identify sugar dried sea cucumber?

    how to identify sugar dried sea cucumber? Gong Pin sea cucumber owner continues to weapon: first most simple is most practical of method, is licking about dry sea cucumber or taste sent bubble sea cucumber of water, if not sugar dry sea cucumber, is not has sweet; second, can put dry parameter put in temperature slightly high some of place a time, if parameter body Pan white, is very has may is sugar dry sea cucumber, last is, sugar dry sea cucumber generally looks very looks, black exception, appearance attractive price is not high, consumers purchase Shi must to caution.

   , of course, with the health food market gradually improved, along with consumer awareness of the consumers become more rational, sugar, dried sea cucumbers will be eliminated by the market, healthy, green, the taste of the sea-oriented concept of product demand will boost further standardization of marine health products market.